OT - Life Is Too Short To Be Stupid

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I have never understood actively risking one's life in the pursuit of of fun, entertainment, or sport.

Life is too short to be stupid.

While driving home this afternoon from day camp, the girls and I were passed by an ambulance and fire truck responding in full emergency mode, sirens on, lights flashing, to what appeared to be an accident up ahead of us. As we came upon this accident, what we saw was upsetting and absolutely grim.

A young man, mid to late teens, appeared to have been struck off his skateboard by one of the two vehicles that had pulled over in haste, either the mini van or the 10 tonne truck was involved. This young man was lying prone, head and upper body on the curb, legs outstretched on the street, his skateboard broken in three pieces lay next to him. He wasn't moving, eyes were closed. An older man, possible his father or perhaps a bystander who knew the young man came running at super human speed up the sidewalk, visibly shaken, only to be held back by one of the first responders on scene.

This was an emotionally upsetting sight to see, especially for Beth and Isabel. They have both been asking since we drove past this accident today, "mommy, was that guy dead? was he killed? is he going to be o.k.?" I told them that all of the above was possible, that I don't know. We then had a long talk in the van driving home about road safety when driving, cycling and skateboarding. We talked about how dangerous skateboarding can be even under the most ideal circumstances with all the safety equipment donned.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that all skateboarders are irresponsible, or take undue risks, but we have seen too many kids and adults this summer, some as young as 8 years old, on skateboards, on city streets, in traffic, with no helmets, and no regard for their own safety or the safety of others on the road with them.

I spoke to our city Police department and our City Hall's By-Law department this afternoon to inquire about laws on the subject. Unfortunately, there are no laws to be enforced by police, other than a helmet law, and no city by-laws to restrict or govern skateboarding on our city streets. I was told it is a matter that falls under our Motor Vehicle Act and that I would need to inquire with our Provincial motor vehicle insurance company.

Our city has skateboarding parks for risk taking enthusiasts to utilize to their hearts content. I strongly believe, skateboarding does not belong on the streets with traffic.

What surprises me is my strong reaction to seeing this accident today. I am sure that prior to my cancer diagnosis, I would not have been so deeply affected by such a scene to such a degree. However, cancer has taught me just how precious a gift our lives are. We are on this earth for a short time and in that time we need to make the best of our lives. We need to take care of our health and safety. Taking unnecessary risks with our lives is reckless and stupid.

I hope and pray that the young man lying on the pavement is still alive. I hope he is not permanently impaired. I hope, if he has survived, that he has learned from this accident and I hope that anyone else who saw this incident today also learns from it.

Life is too short for egos and pride, and the need for thrill, to supersede common sense.


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    well said emamei!
    Life is indeed too short....treat it as the precious gift it is!
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    well said emamei!
    Life is indeed too short....treat it as the precious gift it is!

    I so agree with you.
    I so agree with you. Praying he is alright too.