Worried and alone

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Hi All,

Just feeling lonley and worried tonight.

Hubby has gone to stay at our daughters home. She is fighting a bad pneumonia in both lungs. Her boyfried has been caring for her, but had to go out of town for the night and tomorrow. I so wanted to go and be with her. But the risk to me was to high. Makes me feel like such a lame mom. I know it's the right and only way to have it, but I still feel so bad that I can't be with her. She has been so ill. Running very high fevers since last Sunday. She has been to the ER 3 times. I do believe that the docs finally got her the right combo of meds. But I am still so worried.

Also, I am worried for our family and friends who live on the east coast. Many are in N Carolina and New York. I am praying that they and all of you who are in harms way, find some safe shelter till the threat is over.

Safe and peaceful healing


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    Hi Lisha, don't be worried,we survived cancer! lol They wanted us to evacuate but with two dogs it's hard to do. We are about 10 miles away from the beach. This storm is huge, but it did slow down, thank God. Hope your daughter has a speedy recovery... take care Vinny
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    give yourself a break
    You are not a lame mom, you did the right thing, it is hard though
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    Hey there
    Don't feel like a lame mom. You are doing the right thing to stay away from any germs. You may have a very hard time trying to fight it off. I am sure your daughter understands. Thanks for the concern for us concerning the storm. It is a huge one that will do a lot of damage. You are not alone. We are there with you.Take it easy and try to relax. John
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    You are strong

    You are not a lame Mom at all! You wouldn't want your daughter to worry about making you sick so you for sure did the right thing by staying home. I can imagine how hard that is though. But remember you are a survivor and I know your daughter understands the way daughters do.

    Take care and thanks for the good wishes. I'm in NJ and we'll be just fine. My niece is in Manhattan and just went into labor. She's on the 12th floor of a friend's apartment building and she and her husband are thinking of sitting in the lobby in case the power goes out! My brother and sister in law want to be there with her so bad but there is no way to get into the city right now!

    Prayers for your daughter and my niece!

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    Not lame...
    Hi Lisha,
    You are certainly not a "lame" mother and I agree with everything thats already been said. I know how you feel though...Steve went to a big barbecue for his work today and I stayed home. It's suppose to get to 100 degrees, plus I woke up with some "potty" issues, so I didn't want to chance going and being miserable. I had to beg Steve to go without me, which he finally did, but it makes me feel bad not being as care free and as healthy and energetic of a wife as I was before the cancer showed up. Days like today make me feel like he's being cheated and deserves better. I miss the old me. Hang in there and I think we all feel alone from time to time. I'll keep good thoughts for your daughter to feel better soon. You are never alone, we are always here for you. Cancer truely has it's sucky moments. Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)