Anybody know a good disability lawyer in the Baltimore area?

I have not been able to work for a long time, and I have private disability insurance (MetLife--dont ever buy ins from them, they suck) but they dont want to pay. Does anybody know a good lawyer who will work on contingency? (NOT social sec. dis.) I have a solid case, I just need help fast. Baltimore, MD area. Thanks, everybody. K.L.


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    Bar Association?
    Sorry I don't have a definitive answer, but I do have some ideas. Maybe you could check with the local bar association. They won't endorse a lawyer, but at least you will find someone who has some experience. Before hiring anyone, how many/what types of cases they handle. Don't sign anything during the initial visit, tell them you want to take it home and think about it. You probably want an insurance coverage attorney -- plaintiff's side. A big plus if they have done disability insurance, but coverage experience might be more important. Some plaintiff's personal injury attorneys have coverage experience -- if the responsible party's insurance company is denying coverage, there may be little or no money available for the injured party, and the plaintiff's lawyer has to go after the insurance company. There is a "best lawyers" publication issued in every state. The county law library will certainly have it, and the librarian might be willing to help you over the phone. If you know any attorneys, ask them to help you search for this type of case, and see which lawyers were successful. Also, consider filing a complaint with your state insurance commissioner. They will help if it's an obvious error; insurance companies don't like to get in trouble with the insurance commissioner. It could get complicated if it's a self-insured program offered by your employer and only administered by MetLife; then it's an ERISA claim and you have to sue the employer in federal court, in which case you would need an ERISA lawyer. I know that is a problem with health insurance sometimes; I don't know whether big companies self-insure disability coverage.

    This all seems very complicated, I know, but you can probably get people to help you navigate. In general, I like librarians, and if you catch the county law librarian, or maybe a law school librarian, during a slow period, you might get a lot of help.
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    prior to returning to work
    prior to returning to work post surgery I was iffy if they would try anything with my I contacted cancer support group which refered me to legal team and told to make sure i stated BC patient. I could get help for free..I am not sure if just in my area/ state (NY) or anyplace..I would try that too