OT Gotta get out of Irene's way

Ugh. NJ has declared a mandatory evacuation of Cape May county for tomorrow. I was hoping it would just be a voluntary one and I could hunker down.

Oh well, I stowed my outdoor stuff in the shed and now have to figure out whether to board the dog in PA and stay with my girlfriend or take the dog and stay with my sister.

I'm leaning toward throwing the dog under the bus and getting rained in with my gf ;-p


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    A plan
    Ho yes! Ha, ha!
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    Well whatever you decide, please be safe. Just talked to my girlfriend in FL and they should get part of it starting at midnight. Hope you don't get any major damage.

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    Your posts always have a
    Your posts always have a humorous twist. I love them. Stay safe. Lisa
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    In VA right now
    Taking an early flight bk home tomorrow. My family will stay in a hotel but head out of town at the slightest bit of an evacuation tomorrow. I was visiting them last year when Earl hit and the snowstorm the day after Xmas. They are blaming me for bringing this crap in too.
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    Sorry for the extra post.

    Sorry for the extra post.
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    We march at dawn!
    Interesting day here. I took a drive into town and the hotels were full and people were swimming and lining up outside the restaurants to eat. At the very same time a lot of other people were boarding up their windows! I stowed all my outdoor stuff and did the same for a few neighbors. The police just came up the street and made an announcement to pack our bags and be out by 8 AM.

    I am going to head up to stay at my girlfriend's condo in Philly. It won't be quite as cozy as I envisaged. I got a frantic call from a Croatian couple that I hosted via CouchSurfing this summer and keep in touch with. My gf kindly agreed to put them up in the spare bedroom, so it will be the three of us and the dog making our way to PA. We'll drop the dog at the kennel and hit the supermarket, RedBox, and pick up some vino. I am dreading the drive, I'm certain traffic will be crawling...

    Good luck to all you East Coasters!

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    Be safe
    Sounds like you have a cozy arrangement for the weekend.

    Stay safe!

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    Back @ daBeach
    NJ gave the all-clear to return at 1PM today. The Croatians and I said goodbye and thanks to mah girl for graciously putting us up for the weekend and got the dog from the kennel and headed south. Their place was fine. Mine had a very small interior leak from that damn skylight, but I was extremely pleased to find that was all that happened. We didn't even ever lose power. Town looks great, it looks like the aftermath of any decent rainstorm.

    We had fun this weekend. My gf wanted to go to a salsa studio group lesson, so we all did that Friday. *Note to Self* Don't ever go to a salsa studio group lesson again, it's embarrassing! Saturday we chilled and made a great dinner and drank wine.

    I hope everyone else on the East Coast fared as well as me!