Good resources for recently diagnosed bone metastases?

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The optician at my optometrist’s office, who I’ve worked with for several years (and who talked me into the fabulously funky glasses you see in my picture!), has only been out of treatment for breast cancer for a year, and I found out today she's just been diagnosed with bone metastases.

She’s still undergoing scans to help determine a treatment plan, and is just in shock right now –- I was wondering if those of you who are living with bone mets have any resources I could point her to? Helpful websites, maybe a brochure or book I could take her?

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    Hi Traci,
    The best info that I found was from the Mayo Clinic site. It was up to date and answered questions that I didn't even know that I had.(lol) And gave information without doom and gloom.

    Get her hooked up on this site if you can because so much of what I had heard when people knew I had stage iv, was how long do you have? That just scares the $&%) out of you. Then I came on this site and saw how others with stage iv are still living and functioning and it has given me even more hope.

    Of course, I am too stubborn to go out without kicking, screaming, and when that doesn't work, a margarita and snickers will do it!

    BTW, love your sense of humor:)) It sure put all the recent disagreements into perspective!

    Keep laughing!

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    bone mets
    The same thing happened to my cousin. First, they did 5 days of concentrated radiation to the tumor site (hipbone). Removed ovaries (ER+ cancer). Switched from tamoxifen to Femara(?)--aromatase inhibitor. added a new therapy-- BONE BUILDERS--they can actually shrink bone mets. Like Boniva or other osteoporosis drugs. She got a great 2-year remission. She was treated at Duke U. med ctr. I have stage I breast cancer, and I am in a clinical trial to see if the drugs also prevent bone mets or other mets from BC. Early results are excellent! It is being conducted at St. Joseph med. ctr. in Towson, MD. I have 2 yrs remission so far.
    Hope this helps!