Delaying chemotheraphy in between

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My mother underwent the surgery for - Stage 3c Colorectal cancer.

And she has completed her first chemo and then radiation 3 weeks back . Her 2nd chemo is due this week and she needs to start by 26th.

But she wants to delay the chemo by 1 week and wants to start from 2nd september.

Is that ok? Can we delay the chemo by 1 week? Is it a risk ?

Please suggest ..Thanks in advance.


  • daBeachBum
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    I would call the onc's office
    I would call the onc's office for guidance on this one. I am on biweekly cheme for life and have skipped a week once this summer when I had a party one weekend and a trip the next. I am wearing my pump now, but will not have my next treatment until September 16 after I get back from a Europe trip. Both were completely OK with my doc.

    The bala in your username wouldn't be for Bala Cynwyd would it? My home office where I work(?)is there.

    All the best!