Kidney Cancer Mentors, 4th Angel, Cleveland Clinic

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About a year ago I signed up to be a 4th Angel Mentor which is sponsored by the Cleveland Clinic, but open to all free of charge.I received training by way of program materials as well as a 1 or 2 hour telephone session with the program director. I limited my interest as a Mentor to RCC stage 1 as that is the only area that I would want to address with others on a one on one basis. I finally completed my first actual role as a mentor which is similar to what I have been doing on this discussion board for the last year and one half. Those of you who are interested in being a mentor or talking with a mentor should contact the 4th Angel Program at the Cleveland Clinic which is easely accessable thru Google.

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    Very COOL!!!

    You are COOL (no pun intended) you have helped so many on this board, myself included. I think I speak for everyone here when I say congratulations and thank you. Those that you will be working with are truly blessed.

    You are officially on my hero list.