new here, diagnoised with aggresive non hogkins lymphoma large b- cell

Hi i am new, diagnosed with b cell last month. to make a long story short, my abdomen started hurting with diarrhea. thought i had flu, after a few weeks went to er, they found nothing, called a surgeon he ordered test, didnt make it to day of test, went to different er and found a tumor with an intussumption, had er surgery.

Now they tell me i need to start R-chop chemo on friday. had pet scan done today and they found nothing. Why do i need chemo if they took the cancer out?


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    Sorry you have to be here, but don't take this lightly. Diffuse Large B Cell lymphoma is a very aggressive blood cancer. Cancer cells are very small and can travel anywhere in your blood. Chemo is the recommended treatment as it's systemic. I have always been told that on it's own lymphoma is not operable. We have 600 lymphnodes in our bodies.

    Take heart, chemo isn't fun but it's very doable.

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    Why Chemo...
    Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but as I understand it...chemo needs to be done to kill any cancer cells that may be lurking in the blood. It's the next step in putting the cancer in remission. I'm having Rituxan maint for the next 2 years after finishing my chemo in Dec. The thought process is to keep my cancer from spreading or having a recurrance. You can do this. Your doctor knows what needs to be done, so trust in him/her and know everything they do is to help. Ask questions when you wonder "why" something needs to be done to keep yourself from worrying. Take care and my prayers are with you.
    Love...Sue (FNHL-2-3a-6/10)
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    I had the same
    I had the same cancer...twice. The first time about 11 years ago I had a resection of the descending colon and a few feet of intestine followed by R-CHOP Chemotherapy. The Cancer went into remision, or was cured, for about 8 years. I was re-diagnosed with the same Large B cell cancer after 8 years and had a completely different Chemo concoction for 6 months followed by a Stem cell transplant. That was about 3 years ago and I'm doing fine. Lymphoma is a bone marrow cancer which is spread through the Lymph system. The cells are produced in the marrow and are very difficult to completely get rid of, hence the transplant which is done after they collect enough peripheral stem cells (yours or a close match) and then give you full body radiation followed by strong chemo which kills ALL the cells in your morrow and leaves you with no immune system whatsoever, with luck, after about 3 weeks your system begins to accept the stem cells they return to you and you get better..and cancer free again. Without the Chemo your chances of a recurrance are virtually guaranteed.