The ABCD(E) of melanoma

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I'd like to hear from you what you think about The ABCD/E method. Is it good for self-detection and/or prevention?

What your doctors say about it?

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  • Tirian
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    The ABC's of melanoma
    The ABC's of melanoma detection are a definite start, but it's NOT the only way. KNOW YOUR BODY -- look at your body (and have someone else look at your back and scalp) and anything you're not comfortable with, have checked out.

    My melanoma didn't match ANY of the ABCD's listed and it had already begun to spread. Scary part for me is that it resembled a small freckle. I've got Irish/German skin, so I've got lots of spots. It's looking for CHANGES in what is normal for YOU.

    I downloaded a body line drawing where I have marked anything I'm concerned with for every visit with the dermatologist. First, it helps to not forget to mention something I'm seeing, and it also shows history. For any of the marks I'm not sure about, I take a picture of it with a small ruler next to it (you've seen that on TV). Subtle changes in size can be found that way over time.

    So, again, great place to start for identification, but don't let that be the only way.