Mantle Cell Lymphoma and Guillian Barre

My husband was diagnosed with Mantle Cell Lymphoma. At that time his thumb and first two fingers were getting numb and the doctors talked about Carpal Tunnel. It then progressed to the whole hand and then his feet. After many test they diagnosed Guillian Barre. He had five days of IVIG treatments with slight improvement and then started declining further. He is currently in the hospital having another five days of IVIG treatments. The doctors plan to start his chemo next week.

The doctors are not sure if these two conditions are related or not. I would like to know if anyone else has had Mantel Cell and GBS at the same time.


  • BobK53
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    Mantel Cell & GBS
    I also went thru R CHOP and the stem cell transplant and have had damage to my central nervious system I have Autonomic neropthy and fibromillaga they dont know if it was caused by the cancer or the chemo. I can barly walk and have great pain
    How is your husband doing