Chaos abounds

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My partner of 23 years, the rock in my life was diagnosed with bilateral, primary site lung cancer. He was operated on July 13th. My world for the past year has been filled with deaths of 3 family members, almost every male in my family is gone. My dad died fri metastatic cancer and my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer, having undergone lumpectomy, chemo, and radiation. Needless to say that with the recent diagnosis of my partner live has become full of darker skies. He still needs to have surgery on the other lung, or possible radiation, and my coping skills are fairly brittle at the moment. I have had to turn to an eap program for counseling while I still have benefits as during the middle of this chaos I find myself unemployed at my former position. The one thing I do have is the internal light inside of me that I just finding again. I need to stay centered in order to be the caregiver. It is not easy at the moment. I wish that it was.


  • karenbeth
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    With all that chaos going on in your life how could you possibly stay centered? It's good that you realize this and are trying to take care of yourself. It's very important--it's so easy for a caregiver to burn out. And I like the way you said that--"the internal light inside of me."
    I'm sorry to hear about your partner and I hope he does well with treatment. Remember, one day at a time.