Hello friends! I hope everyone is doing well. Just thought I'd update since it's been a while. My dad finally went to UCIrvine to get a second opinion from Dr. Nihn Nguyen. THANK YOU MR. AND MRS. MARSHALL FOR ALL OF THE INFO AND RESEARCH ON THIS DR. My parents just LOVE him. They feel VERY comfortable talking to him, his bedside manner was awesome, and his staff was just out of this world. They arrive back at home today after a LONG trip of tests and observations. Through all of this, dad has been eating regular food with NO problems. I reminded him once chemo starts again, it's back to the feeding tube. He was NOT happy about that. It's wonderful to hear that he's been enjoying food.
Current scans show NO mets, and the tumor shrank about 1 cm. We still have to do more chemo, for Dr. Nguyen wants the tumor to shrink more, then he will do the surgery. He is willing to correspond with the oncologist down here in Hawaii, so that traveling will be kept at a minimum.
I can honestly say that we were definitely steered into the right direction, the positive thinking and most definitely the prayers have been very uplifting. I feel there is hope. We are NEVER giving up and letting this awful disease win.


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    Wonderful news. So great it
    Wonderful news. So great it went well. Thanks for letting us know.