Dad starting treatment tomorrow

Hi everyone...

I'm in my 20s and my dad's starting treatment tomorrow.. he's had cancer for 2 years or so now but his doctor has just told him to start the treatment tomorrow-- any ideas on what to expect or how to help?

thank you.


  • lewvino
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    Can you be more specif on
    Can you be more specif on which treatment he is going with? There are many options available for the prostate cancer patient.

    Any stats you can give your dad is also helpful, age, PSA, Gleason score, previous treatments if any....


  • VascodaGama
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    Do not be anxious

    Can you share info from the diagnosis of your father. Such data is necessary to help you understanding about the cancer problems.
    Do you know his PSA history in the past two years and some info on the doctors clinical stage?

    Prostate cancer is scaring but there are many ways of fighting its advance. Your father will do well too. Do not be anxious.
    You can buy books on prostate cancer but I would recommend you one after knowing some details of your fathers' case.

    Hope for the best.