I'm A new member and need a concise answer to my question Firmagon vs Lupron?

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I went through radiation therapy and am now on Firmagon after my initial shot of Lupron.

Which one is less "horrendous" This is not a life worth living!! Weak and dizzy, hot flashes etc.
Reaction to Firmagon shot itself was not bad. I have lots of pains worse than that one. WIll I be more comfortable in the long run with Firmagon?

Please lemmeknow ASAP. I am scheduled for a shot in a week.

Richard Hardaway age 78


  • VascodaGama
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    If in a hurry, take one of the drugs now

    Do not worry by taking Firmagon. Both drugs; Lupron and Firmagon, aim in lowering the testosterone in the body by "shutting down" the factory (chemical castration at the Testis). The side effects are similar and mostly due to the low testosterone in the body which gives "menopause" like symptoms.

    Firmagon injections are for monthly application whether Lupron can be done on 3-month or longer applications.
    The effects from these drugs vary from patient to patient. Some guys report doing better with Firmagon but the monthly injection is painful (about 3 to 5 days).
    If in a hurry, just take one of the drugs now because you can change latter to another agonist if you do badly with the former.

    Wishing my comment helps.