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Thankyou to the replies with regarding my husband secondary peritoneal cancer. He starts his chemo tomorrow. Please keep me posted on any informatin for us, which we hope will help us in this so upsetting time of our lives.


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    Bets wishes for yor husband and you!

    I hope that yor husband's chemo goes smoothly and that he has few side effects and great results!

    This is a hard road for all of us. I know you two have been discouraged of late. I urge you two to get out and plan something fun in the near future when he feels stronger. Your husband is lucky to have such a strong and caring woman at his side :-)

    All the best!

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    Best of luck and wishes to both of you!
    Thank you for taking such good care and showing such Love for him. After sitting in chemo for 6 months and watching all of the people that had no one, that is tremendous comfort and medicine for him. I know I couldn't do it without my loving wife.

    You are both in my prayers.
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    Thinking of your husband
    Just to let you know that I too am thinking of you Belinda, and especially of your husband as he starts his chemotherapy. I certainly hope that he is one of the minority and has no bad side effects. If he does have side effects, make sure that you keep the staff informed who give him the chemotherapy so that he has the necessary medications to help ease any nausea etc. I was terrified of having chemo before I started but I ended up sleeping through it and, amazingly, I'm one of that minority who (up to this point at least) hasn't had side effects - except tiredness now and possibly some depression (which may not be entirely related to the chemo. Don't know) And as for going through it, I have never heard of anyone who suffers pain while having it - unless it's just that I haven't heard of it happening. I know we are given medications which probably include pain relief so maybe that's the reason, I don't know. I nearly always sleep through my chemo because I have it early in the morning when I would normally be tired anyway. But having your support would be wonderful for your husband and I think it's great you are there for him.

    I'll be interested to see if I stay tired and depressed when I go off chemo in another month and a half. I'm to have my second half-strength dose this coming week, then two weeks off before another two more separate, weekly, half-strength doses. Since recent scans show no sign of tumours at all (which amazed me and my oncologist) and there's been no sign of the ascites since being on chemo, he wants to stop the chemo after these next few times and just keep an eye on my CA125 each month.

    Chemo is not always a horrible experience. I will be wishing for that to be so for your husband too :)