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Well the last several weeks have been challenging to say the least.. I experienced some pain in my right leg and after several weeks of CT scans, mri it was discovered that my PC had metastases to my spine. T2 had a lesion which decided to push directly onto my spinal cord, I am glad I did not over medicate with OxyCodone and Oxycontin, My doctor had kept increasing the dosage to eliminate the pain which had progressed from my left thigh to left hip, then lower back and started to effect my right leg, this was over a period of 5 weeks..

It was painful and the drugs were helpful but kept wearing off faster each week, advise don't over-medicate yourself so you feel nothing, bottom line I was experiencing more pain and finally my doctor ordered an MRI and they found a lesion on my T2 spinal cord as well as some other lesions up my spine to my T8. My oncologist told me it was a medical emergency and if I wanted to walk I would have to get radiation treatments done immediately which is what I did, it was 14 treatment which took about 18 seconds on my L2, the pain started to stop after the second treatment and they combined additional treatments to my spine where other lesions had shown up. I am now off all pain meds and feeling better everyday although I definitely felt the effects of having my upper spine treated

My oncologist wants to treat me with Casodex and Lupron, I have taken the Casodex but not the Lupron shot as of yet, I asked him if there was any other treatments available to me which were more recently approved but he stated that was the Lupron treatment he would provide is proven effective since 1990 when it was introduced for treatment of Advanced PC, not that I don't appreciate the fact he saved me from a wheel chair but I am not convinced that Lupron is my only real option.. I need your input and advise as to what is available and appreciate your input as always, I asked him about any trials I may qualify for and am researching them now, I need to get on a treatment soon as this mpc is not going to wait before it rears its ugly head again and I don't want to go through radiation again if I can help it!

Thank you, hope your all getting better and enjoying your blessings!


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    You need a friendly oncologist

    In your advanced status you could inquire from your doctor on two newer drugs which have proven effectiveness in handling metastasized cancer; Abiraterone acetate, to control testosterone effects at intratumoral level; and Denosumab in the combat of bone metastasis. Older drugs such as Zometa are known to have reversed the course of metastases in bone. Just type these names in a net search engine to read about details.

    The hormonal treatment you have started aims to lower testosterone (T) levels in your body (T dependent PCa feeds on that for survival). The drugs your doctor has recommended are taken for different and specific purposes. Lupron is an agonist to stop production of T in the testis (chemical castration) and the antiagonist Casodex is to stop the feed of T at the cancer receptors (mouths). The aim of Abiraterone would substitute the antiagonist Casodex and it would be added to Lupron for a total blockade.
    You can find posts in this forum with related accounts from survivors.

    All these treatments have side effects which need to be mitigated too. Particularly those related to symptoms similar to “menopause” (due to the low levels of testosterone).
    You should also consider possible interaction between the hormonal drugs and any supplement you are taking in your holistic approach or any other medication you are taking to other illnesses.
    All those will be competing for the enzymes at the liver and too much of the same stuff can create you critical additional problems.

    I recommend you to get copies of these books;
    “Beating Prostate Cancer: Hormonal Therapy & Diet” by Dr. Charles “Snuffy” Myers; which informs on diagnosis and treatments for systemic cases and their lifestyle tactics including nutrition.
    “A Primer on Prostate Cancer, The Empowered Patient’s Guide” by Dr. Stephen Strum and Donna Pogliano; which explains well the whole process of diagnosis and results.

    I hope you find a good oncologist experienced in advanced targeted cases like yours and that is more “friendly” to your inquires.

    The best to you.