It's NOT all in my head!

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Ok, endoscopy is done. Glad to have it over with. Just about ready to go take a nap now, cuz I'm groggy. (I'm pretty sensitive to sedatives.)

First, I do NOT have EC. I can't tell you how relieved I was to hear that.

What I do have is a hiatial hernia, Schatzki ring, GERD and laryngopharyngeal reflux. (it's unclear why the trial of Prevacid I did early this spring didn't help this.)

I'll be going in for a ph probe, and the GI doctor said we'd be treating the reflux aggressively. She said because I have the Schatzki ring, it's an indicator that the reactions of my esophagus have already been triggered, and we certainly don't want this moving the direction of Barretts.

Not only was I thrilled to hear it wasn't EC, but also that it's not all in my head! My food IS getting caught on the ring, (although it was not tight enough to need dilating at this point) and also food getting caught in the war where the Hiatal Hernis is pressing against the esophagus. (that awful squeezing feeling I had when lying down.)

Thank you so much for your information and support the last few days. I'm so glad I went into have this checked out, and I promise not to let the GERD go untreated, and to get into the doctor if my symptoms change!


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    What a relief!
    My husband's scope was to repair a suspected hiatal hernia. Glad that your's actually turned out to be just a hiatal hernia! Take good care of yourself and make sure you follow the doc's instruction.
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    So happy to hear your good
    So happy to hear your good news! Please stay vigilant and good luck!
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    Good news!
    Glad to hear that you don't have EC! The other stuff can be treated. Stay vigilant with your treatment.
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    Great News! It's best to
    Great News! It's best to always check things out. Now they'll know just what to treat.
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    Thanks William!
    Yes, my GI

    Thanks William!

    Yes, my GI said I'll have to do a PH probe (have done several of them with my daughter.) along with aggressive treatment of the reflux. She was pretty serious that the combination of the 3 issues meant for very aggressive treatment to prevent progression of anything. Oh, and "I will be seeing you in my office next week."

    Yep, absolutely!

    Fortunately the only dietary changes that will be difficult for me to get used to is the caffeine. I don't have much of it now but when I do it's to boost my narcolepsy drugs! If only speed would be legalized. LOL