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I had an MRI of my hips due to pain when walking or sitting and they found an ovarian tumor incidentally. I think I am lucky because it was only 5 x 3 cm. I have surgery the second week in August, robotic surgery by a gyn-oncologist. He thinks the tumor is encapsulated and is very optomistic. Here is the thing. I have tried in the past to get a CA-125 test and was always pooh-pooed. I had a feeling that I would get ovarian cancer although there is no family history. Although I could have a benign tumor, I am seventy and I don't think so. I had to push push push my doctors to let me have an MRI because I was getting unable to walk with all the pain which turned out to be severe inflammation in my gluteal muscles where they attach to the trochanters since I have inflammatory arthritis. I finally got my rheumatologist to order an MRI and that is why I am lucky that they found the tumor incidentally. Also my c-reactive protein, which had been normal up to a year ago began to get moderately high. Even with methotrexate which I take we could not get it down, so I believe that it correlates with my ovarian tumor growing. I wonder if anyone else had a high C-reactive protein. Also I am so glad I badgered my doctors until one ordered the scan.


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    C-reactive Protein
    Although I probably had this tested at one point after my diagnosis, I have no idea what the level was. I do know, however, that post treatment, I have it checked regularly by my naturopath. It is one of the many levels that we monitor to see if there is any indication that the cancer is returning. Raised C-reactive protein can be an indication of cancer.
    You are right to insist on having things done. You already know how important it is to be your own advocate. Keep on pushing.