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My sisters CA-125 was above 3000 before her surgery. Today she got the results of post surgical/pre chemo and it is 380! Some good news.


  • poopergirl14052
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    very good news to hear
    And I hope it continues to drop. Hope your sister is doing well...val
  • Mwee
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    Great news
    happy dance time!
    (((HUGS))) Maria
  • LaundryQueen
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    Mwee said:

    Great news
    happy dance time!
    (((HUGS))) Maria

    Wonderful news!
    I am so happy for both of you!


  • Susan777
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    That is awesme!
    Great news. My pre-op was 1150. Post-Op 141. Post chemo #1 down to 29. So happy this AM.....I am off to Chemo #2 in an hour or so. I dont really want to "dance with ned"....i want to sleep with NED!