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Well the doctor i saw for the second opinion had me do lab cultures, and asked me questions from my medical history from 20 plus years ago, i was in nursing back then , i worked in hospitals doing patient care, he asked me if i ever had a positive TB result from the TB shot, i said yes i did but i was told i was most likely around a patient that had it and that it didnt mean i had TB. I was getting my yearly x-rays as i was told to do by my doc back then and they were always clear.
Well, according to this doc, my labs showed the exposure and said due to me having cancer and chemo, that made my immune system almost non existant, that the latent TB as he called it, made an appearance in my lab work and that it most likely is causing the fevers, so back i got to tomorrow to my regular oncologist for yet more lab cultures, i feel like a pin cushion, shes gonna take the blood from the medi port in my chest, and she said that she will discuss with me about calling infectious diseases, the doc from the second opinion said back then i should have been placed on meds for 18 months, if i had only known then what i know now, the onc still wants a bone biopsy, i dont want to do it, i will deal with it 1 thing at a time, i am tired mentally, emotionally,and physically. Will post more when i find out more.

Chris FNHL stage-3


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    Getting answers..
    Hi Chris,
    It sounds like you are getting closer to finding some answers for the constant fevers. Are you still having them on a daily basis? What will they learn by calling the infectious diseases? Medication you should take? Just wondering. I'm sorry you have to keep going back and getting poked, but eventually they are going to figure this out. I'm so glad you checked in! Try to rest between doctor visits and don't give up. I'll be thinking good positive thoughts for you. Let us know what you find out. The TB situation is sad..too bad it wasn't handled properly way back when..huh? Sorry. Hang in there...Love, Sue
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    Second Opinion
    Dear Chris,

    I can just imagine how you must feel. As usual, Sue's post was right
    on target.

    I can imagine how frustrating it is going back and forth to doctor's.
    I believe it is a good thing the doctor is honing in on your exposure to
    TB. It is a bit scary to know, since your immune system in so low, you
    were susceptible to TB from years ago.

    See if you can find out your Immunoglobulin Levels. lgG, lgM, and lgA. If you
    never had this blood test, ask your oncologist to do it.

    Chris, hang in there please. At least you found out why you are having fevers.
    As you said, one step at a time. I know it is not easy.

    I send you all my love and postive energy. Love Maggie