Only 300 people in the USA have what I have..

I am at MD Anderson for two days for testing the dr told me there are only 300 people in the USA that have hodgkins LP like me... They are going to put me on R-CHOP and I am wondering if anyone has had that and what kind of symptoms they had with it... I have to admit I am scared and am hoping someone can tell me how it was for them even though I know it's different for everyone.


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    Quite a few people in the group have done R-Chop and did very well on it. We also have a couple of brand new members just starting it today which will be helpful for you when they post how it's going for them. I did CVP-R, so I don't know what you will feel. I'm sure someone who has used R-Chop will jump in here soon and give you some help. I wish you the best and hope this protocol works well for you. MD Anderson is one of the finest cancer centers in the country, so you are in good hands. Take care...(try to stay peaceful) as possible. Sue (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)