afinitor/avastin for islet cell.

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Any body out there treated with afinitor/avastin? outcome? side effects?



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    Dear Mr. Steve, I suggest
    Dear Mr. Steve, I suggest you contact Novartis Pharmaceuticals in Floham Park New Jersey. They will be able to provide you with additional information.
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    My mother was on avastin last year for 5 cycles. It seemed to be effective holding her cancer at bay for several months, so I guess that's the good news. There were side effects I didn't like, but she's such a soldier that she put up with a chest pain episode that scared the daylights out of me. Now, my mom is elderly (80) and she already had hypertension, but I think the Avastin caused it to go out of control. One infusion was delayed because of high blood pressure, and when the regimen was finished her once-controlled hypertension became serious enough to buy a cuff and monitor it at home.

    Just something to watch for. At least you get to keep your hair!