short term memory loss

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I really didnt notice many cognitive changes during chemo. I have been off chemo 6 weeks now and I seem to have trouble finding the right word at times and forget the names of things. I usually eventually think of the word I want but it is annoying. Maybe I just notice it more because I am out and more social now. Has anyone else noticed it after chemo and if so long does it last?


  • LaundryQueen
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    Welcome to chemo brain
    Lulu: chemo brain (short term memory problems) is controversial--health care provides often won't acknowledge it because they say chemo only affects rapidly dividing cells (not brain cells).

    I've found that taking ginkgo helps my memory & keeps the wrong words from coming out of my mouth.

  • Tina Brown
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    Hiya Lulu
    I am totally with you on this. I can freeze up mid sentence as I have forgotton what the word was. I am a teacher so you can imagine how embarrasing it can be for me at work. It is a proven fact that CHEMO BRAIN is real :)

    Just keep telling the people you are talking to that you have "chemo brain" you will be able to get away with it for months !!!

    Tina xx
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    Chemo Brain!
    I think it is very scary. My mom is having terrible problems. She says things and than they make ME confused. It's crazy.
  • AussieMaddie
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    Definitely 'chemoi brain'
    My oncologist wondered if my recent depression might also be due to chemo brain, but then after my lifetime of mental illness I would seem to be vulnerable to something like depression.

    I can't honestly say that I'm more confused than I was before - but that's not saying much because it's long been part of the conversation between friends and I who catch up regularly to wonder who has the worst memory. There are three friends who have met over the years. One now has alzeimers, and the other two of us visit her. She recognizes our faces but can't any longer put a name to us. The other two of us always wonder if her memory is any worse than ours at times.