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I went to see a myofacial doctor for my jaw pain and he sent me to physical therapy for treatment. I was supposed to have some osscalating treatment but she would not give it to me because she said that before i could get that she had to make sure i did not have cancer. She showed me 3 excercises to do that she said would help. If you are interested i can send the papers to you. Let me know. The physical therapist told me some things i never heard before. Heat causes cancer to grow faster. Massaging my neck dissections and jaw area will cause cancer to grow faster because it increases blood flow which causes cancer to grow faster. That is if you have any cancer cells left. I told her i was cancer free but she wanted to talk to my doctor first. God bless and good luck. If you need anything let me know. David


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    What next....
    My rad/onco doc recommends massage therapy for neck lymphedema and it certainly helps the fluids to move in the system. Still need to do the massage every evening to soften the hard mass that builds under my chin. Although my last 2 scans came back clean, this just adds another question to what the hell is going on?

    Hopefully your physical therapist can provide you with the study that substantiates these claims.

    Hope your treatment helps relieve the pain.

    Best Wishes