scan results today

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Well scan showed tumors shrinking and nothing new showed up. CEA is going back down after it shot up from 23.7 to 468.7, at last check it was down to 331.5, moving in right direction. So overall I will take it as all positive.
I was worried about going back on FOLFOX and AVASTIN again after having such bad neuropathy the first time I was on it. Didn't get the cal-mag infusions the first time as i was also receiving a trial drug along with the FOLFOX and cal-mag infusions were not part of that protocal, I think getting them this time is making a big difference. I had my 5th round of FOLFOX today and the neuropathy has not reared its ugly head yet.(keeping my fingers crossed)
The cold sensitivity is not as bad this time either.
Have a few days after pump is removed that I go to zombie land but it only lasts a few days and then start feeling better. Since the pump comes off on fridays my weekend is usually shot. My family referrs to it as the lost weekend.
I hope for good things for everyone here. Thanks for listening.


  • Sundanceh
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    Nice to see some good news, Deb! Know you've worked a long time and have suffered alot to start turning the corner...very happy for you.

    The mag is a good thing if it works for you and it sounds like it is...worked great for me and made my symptoms better with regards to cold and neuropathy.

    Glad to see you on sound better now than at any other time that I've known you. All of your news is good and I so hope it continues for you.

    I remember the "lost w/ends" with both Folfox and Folfiri - they each knocked me out in different ways and side effects.

    Nice to see you.

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    Glad to hear that you are getting good results from the chemo regimen. I am happy to hear it.

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    mom_2_3 said:

    Glad to hear that you are getting good results from the chemo regimen. I am happy to hear it.


    it sound very good!
    hugs Deb!
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    Hi Deb
    Glad to hear that things are moving in the right direction. I know it's a drag to say the least but there is light at the end of the tunnel.
    Hang in there...