Low platelets and Temodar

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Our son David (age 34, dx inoperable GBM in April 2011) finished his first round of treatment (28 days of radiation/Temodar) on June 23. While the radiation has been really hard on him, he handled the Temodar well...at least until yesterday. He started having those crazy looking bruises all over his body. A CBC said his platelet count was 9000 (average is 150,000-400,000). Needless to say, the docs were concerned, could cause spontaneous internal bleeding, especially around his tumor. He had a platelet transfusion yesterday, but it spiked his blood pressure to 210/150 at it's highest. They think it might have been caused by stress (he has very small veins, required many sticks which always gets him worked up). He will need another CBC next week to determine if he'll need another transfusion. Anyone else ever have problem with low platelet counts on Temodar? How low did they get and how long did it get for the count to come up?


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    low platelets
    Yes we had that too. She dropped to 26,000 so she had to stop temador a week early. Then went down to 12,000 and had to get platlets. But thats when she got the infection in the port. Platlets just kept going down , but I really believe it was from all the antibotics too. She had to start temador a week late.But now they are low again, they didnt go down until she got an infection again (was 100,000 before the infection started).
    It took about a month for her.The lowest was 8000.