The can of shaving cream...

Funny how the most mundane of things can become "treasures" at different times in our lives! Six months ago, after my beloved Dennis passed away, I collected all his toiletries and placed them in a basket under his sink. There they have remained, except for a can of shaving cream.

At some point, I ran out of shaving cream. Put it on my shopping list, but what was I to use at that moment? Then I remembered, there is almost a full can under the sink! It was almost full as my poor dear only needed a scant amount, close to the end of his life, as there was only a scant amount of hair and whiskers that had grown back. Between the chemo and radiation, he had pretty much gone to just cleaning up errant hairs.

I opened the cabinet and almost ceremonially pulled out the can. What the heck, and after all, I needed to be thrify, so why not go ahead and use the remaining shaving cream? And so I did and have continued to do so, until a few days ago, when it ran out.

It is still in the shower, the empty can. Why haven't I disposed of it? Perhaps these little "mundane" objects symbolize the last of the things he touched? Perhaps it's disposal symbolizes just one more "letting" go?

I've let him "go". In the spiritual sense that I know that he no longer suffers, that he is in peace, that he has been given the gift of eternal life, and that he waits for me, when I am called to my Lord's home.

So why then, is the empty can of shaving cream still sitting on the shelf in the shower? I will dispose of it today. After all, it is what I hold in my heart of him that really brings me joy and comfort!

May you all feel joy and comfort today, dear ones...



  • karenbeth
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    Joy and comfort to you as well
    I know what you mean...I just threw Frank's toothbrush away the other day--it has been sitting with mine next to the sink. It definitely felt "symbolic."
  • 3Mana
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    funny how we think the same
    My hubby, Tom passed away a year ago this pastMarch, and I still have his shaving cream & his last razor in the linen closet too.Also his tooth brush. It's just hard to let go of that personal stuff. I guess if it makes us feel better it's okay. I have gotten rid of some of his clothes, but am still having a hard tim doing it all.
    It's so hard to let go of everything that belonged to the loves of our life.
    Take care Lucy! Carole