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Hope everyone who's recently gone through surgery is doing well. I continue to recover, I do get sleepy around 8 p.m. which is totally unnatural for me, other than that, I'm doing well. My little incision holes are pulling and itching like &%#*, and I have somewhat of a backache...not continually. I'm getting around, and tryyyyying not to overdo. I find it puzzling that my doctor gave me no restrictions on anything. Well, I am drinking a LOT more water, have cut down substantially on salt (which I LOVE so much) and I've cut down on my Advil, which really sucks, because I did take it for the 4 herniated discs. I suppose living with a little pain is better than beating up my one and only kidney. Still waiting to feel "normal"...every morning I wake up and wonder is this going to be the day I can finally feel like myself? I thank God that things have gone as well as they have for me. I was always a very active person, so my semi- sedentary life is getting me a bit down. I'm used to doing everything around the house, and I miss doing the things my wonderful 2 daughters have begun to take care of...Guess I have to have some patience...not easy for a Type A personality....Take care everyone....


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    Day by day
    Every day things will get a little bit better. The surgery is the real thing and why I have written more than a few times to those asking about the surgery, that "you can not sugar coat the surgery".

    Best wishes, Icemantoo
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    It sounds like you're doing
    It sounds like you're doing very well! My surgery was 6 weeks ago, and I'm still getting used to my "new normal". Take care!