i would like to know if anyone else had the same feels like i had

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good evening to all i would to know is anyone had the same things like ihave a searies of feeling i wasnt important to anyone .and also a series of depression and i wounder was it it besause i was recovering cancer ? also i get uptight easy . ialso got a good report from one of the doctors i go to it is liveable and treatable


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    The feelings you are having (depression, anxiety, etc.) are normal when dealing with any kind of cancer. Also, questioning where and how you fit into life (yours and life in general) are also normal feelings. You are trying to discover what your new "normal" is and sometimes feeling like an outsider is normal for us.

    Try to find a way to channel your energy (exercise, reading, crafts, cooking, work, etc.) will help you release the pent-up anxiety and/or stress you may be having. If you are having trouble doing it on your own, check and see if there is group therapy in your area that you can join to connect with others like yourself.

    This is a time for you to take care of yourself, so don't forget to do that too!

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    one of the realities of our
    one of the realities of our disease is that there is a loneliness that few can understand. they have not walked in our shoes and brain cancer touches our ability to think and feel-very scary. for me, especially after a second seizure, it was another reality check. The reality that all cancer diagnosees, and others with serious illness, have to face is our own mortality - we all will die. I have always known this and have worked in hospitals and played professionally for funerals for 30 years, but it is a different thing to face my own end, that it will happen. I don't mean for this to sound morose, or even imminent. It is what is.
    One thing I try to do is to take each moment as a gift. All we have ever had is this one moment and I look a how ungrateful I was to not even notice. I try to counteract that lonliness by connecting with elements of joy and hope that are all around me if I open my senses to see.