Vulvar Cancer

I am here to tell you that VIN 3 that turned into a diagnosis of vulvar cancer is not a death sentence. I've had two surgeries....not pleasant, in 6 weeks. I am cancer FREE! The best thing you can do for yourself is to quit smoking and follow a diet that boosts your immune system. In addition to the multi-focal cancerous lesions I had severe displaysia......(about to turn to cancer). All of the displaysia reversed after making some serious dietary changes. Eat your spinich! lol! And flax, and garlic, and etc....really....There are not many centers that specialize in gynocologic cancers, but the University of Iowa is one. The are the BEST, in my estimation. If any of you need information please call me. My number is 319.432.8680. This journey was so very frightening for me but I now know what to do to prevent it from coming back and can certainly share my experiences with you in dealing with this cancer. I am still sleeping a lot and sometimes strange hours....leave a message with your name and number and I will call you back! I won't say to not be scared....but, this is manageable and you can beat it....especially in the early stages of cancer, as any cancer! Love to you all!


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    It's nice to read so much
    It's nice to read so much positivity coming from you.

    If you have any other suggestions of what other foods to be eating I would love to hear. I have quit smoking, two entire weeks now and am never going back to it. I have read many things online from the uni of iowa, I wish here in Canada we had the same knowledge.
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    Great to read your post! It
    Great to read your post! It has truly given me hope now! thank you so much
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    I have had laser treatments for 8 years. I have severe dysplaysia. I'm down to 4 smokes/day from 20/day, trying to quit after 40yrs of smoking. Do you believe the dysplaysia reversed because of your diet or did you also quit smoking? I was told if this turned into vulvarian cancer the survival is 5 years.Also told if I quit smoking it will go away..I'm confused..