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My mother (age 56 years) has been detected with breast cancer in 2005. It was operated and then the 4 chemo cycles were done. In 2010 ovarian cancer she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. CA 125 count was more than 650. It was a stage IIIC cancer and metastasis was in abdomen. The cancer was operated and 6 chemo cycles are done after that. All the treatment was finished in December 2010 and in Jan 2011 her CA 125 was 3, In Feb 2011 it was 4, During March end it was 5 and in June first week it jumped to 22. (Almost 4 times raise than previous month figure). Can anybody suggest it a recurrence of cancer? If yes then
If it is recurrence of cancer then
What tests she needs to do?
Where it would have recuured?
what treatment she needs to follow?
How long it will take?
What is a life threat?

We are a middle class family from a small town India. Being a development country we do not have more facilities here. So, your information will be very valuable for us
...We all are in very tension. Please help.


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    It could be a recurrence,
    It could be a recurrence, but it could be lots of other things, too. A CA125 of 22 is not something to panic over. It's still well within the norm.

    In the USA, she would probably have a CT scan to determine if there was a recurrence, but probably not at this time. Most doctors would wait for a couple of months, with new labs each month, to see if there is a pattern of increasing CA125.

    Where would it have recurred? There is no way to know. Most often, it's the belly, the liver, or the lungs. But it has been known to go to the brain, genitalia, colon, breast, and bones, as well.

    Her treatment would be determined by her oncologist. Maybe the same chemo she received before, maybe something different. It depends on a lot of things. Is she platinum sensitive, for instance.

    It will take as long as it takes. No two people are the same. No two occurrences are the same.

    Yes, it is a threat to her life, if a recurrence is confirmed. Cancer is always a threat to life. But that doesn't mean she is terminal. Big difference. Stress is life-threatening. Life is life-threatening. We just all do the best we can, one day at a time.

    I suggest you take your mom to the largest hospital or cancer center you possibly can. Preferably a teaching hospital. Obviously, she has been monitored since her treatment last year. What does her doctor suggest?