Summertime advisio to fellow ostomates:

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Last summer was my first hanging out with a bag. don't know if the problem I had will present itself to you too so I'd just like to say, make sure you carry extra ostomy supplies when the heat and humidity rise--as your sweat increases you might find your wafer/flange separating itself from your stomach skin and you'll need to replace everything as the adhesiveness loses its effectiveness.....Hopefully, this won't happen to you but it did to me several times last summer and i at first learned the messy way........Have bag, will live


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    Thanks for the tip
    Your timing is good as the heat and humidity begin to take hold.

    When I think I might be in a situation to have a 'failure of the seal' and won't have access to area to change the appliance, before I go I will take 3M Medipore tape and put it around the outer collar of the wafer to make sure that 'full failure' does not occur.

    Not a total solution but kinda like putting duct tape on a car me time to get to where I can fix the problem.

    The Medipore tape is expensive but is far easier on the skin than the other tapes available and works well.

    Marie who loves kitties