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I was recently DX with AML. I have had induction therapy and am about to start consolidation therapy. I have been explained how the therapy works and such I was just wondering how common it is to get a fever and have to go back in to the hospital? I have and 18mo old daughter at home and being away is very hard for me. We also had to terminate my pregnancy, and I was wondering if anyone who has gone past the 3 year mark has had any trouble getting pregnant? I am 29 right now, and am wondering how this happened to me. Any advice on how to deal would be great.


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    AML Questions
    Hi, Sorry to hear about your AML. My wife was diagnosed with AML M5 in November last year. She had her induction in Dec 2010 and has gone thru 2 consolidations so far. To answer your question, for my wife after her 1st consolidation she was home for a week and got high fevers after being out of the hospital for one week. She had to go back was hospitalized for 2 1/2 weeks to get rid of them. This consolidation has gone better than last time. We have kept her inside the whole time except for going to dr appt's and making sure we keep everything super, super, super clean. When she goes even outside to get in the car she wears a mask. She has been out of the hospital now for 1 month and no fevers. I think you just have to be really, really careful. The first time we were careful but this time even more. That worked for her so far. So far she has done ok with her treatments except our doctors concern is that her counts come up slowly after each chemo. He almost didn't do another consolidation( 2nd Consolidation) this time around. He is on the fence about doing another consolidation( 3rd one) again since it is taking awhile for counts to rise again. It's been a month and levels are at a snails pace. Hope my info I gave you helps. Hopefully you won't get the fevers. Just stay inside after you get your treatments and stay away from people who are sick. I am sure they told you that already though.