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I love you ladies. The port and numbing cream worked beautifully. My fear of sitting here and hooking up to the machine was manageable. I shed a tear or two and admitted to the nurse I was scared. She said they were there to help. She was great.

Right now I am finishing up the first bag of fluids. Then they start the premeds and more fluids. Then the cisplatin. I asked about the cisplatin versus the carboplatin.

My cancer apparently my cancer is more responsive to cisplatin. I actually got a look at the PET scan results. The uptake was just in the areas of surgery. The hope is that it is just the surgery that was causing the uptake. I got a look at my brain. Thankfully that showed clear. to my first bathroom run.


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    You got company
    Dear Yoli

    Good for you, you brave girl, you! I feel like I am sitting in the chair next to you.

    I feel confident that your PET scan is showing normal healing going on. Think of the chemo kind of like bug spray to make sure all the bugs are gone. I hope you have a nice nap.


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    I was so scared the first
    I was so scared the first time I had chemo. I also told them I was scared and I cried...alot. But it's not as bad as you think usually they give you benadryl and it knocks ya out. If you get nervous as for anxiety meds too. Good luck. Let us know how the scans go.
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    1st chemo day went well
    About halfway through my friend arrived from the airport, luggage and all. She had her friend with her. We fell into chat like we had never been apart. It kept me distracted. I loved catching up with them.

    The second chemo yesterday, was shorter. Today's is supposed to to be the same...etoposide...a shorter drip. I feel like exhausted, nauseated, and twitchy. I get some sleep but lay awake most of the night.

    I find myself having the chemo fog faster than I expected. Yuck...but oh well. The grannie panties are my secret weapon under the armor.