So sad to hear about Nancy

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I was so sad to hear about Nancy. I've always found her to be a very special person. I haven't been on this discussion group very long but everytime I had a question, and asked Nancy, she always responded. I was so hoping she could beat this and I knew when we didn't hear from her for awhile that something wasn't right.


  • LaundryQueen
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    Nancy is a fighter
    Nancy noticably withdrew from the discussion board as her condition worsened as she doesn't want to upset anyone because she has no good news to share...and now I am hoping she is just resting comfortably surrounded by her loved ones.

    I miss her presence on the board and was hoping she was just too busy with her family to post but I kind of knew better, too, like you did.

    She may not be out there blogging like some of the other women who were very public as they were losing their battles, but she is still one helluva fighter just the same.