Study in the British Journal of Cancer on cancer,fruit and vegetables i find difficult to digest:

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".....For colorectal,breast and prostate cancer epidemiological studies suggest little or no association between fruit and vegetable consumption and risk......"

I know once diagnosed,increasing fruits and vegetables is supposed to be of benefit; apparently,nasty habits hurt more than good habits help in preventng cancer in the first place.....

Brief article


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    Thanks for posting the
    Thanks for posting the article.
    This is the correct link:

    There are way to many studies with different results then a small study with null results. Null = Little or no conclusion. This did not mean that higher vegetables will help or hinder you. I thought a compelling article from Doctors without borders had good insight. The Doctors were discussing how many surgeries they had done in Afghanistan and found very little cancer or precancerous lesions. They thought this was due to much lower red meat consumption and higher vegetables in their diet.

    Is that conclusive? NO
    Is it compelling? Very much so!

    During Chemo I switched to a Low Residue diet. This helped my body digest food and lessened the diarrhea. Is this a solution? No it was just a step in the right direction.

    Best Always, mike

    PS Keep posting new articles if you find them! The recent Canadian University Study was promising.
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    thanks steve
    interesting reading.

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