Tumor and the Inability to Pee

I'm trying my best to gather what information the doctors have told me, but my mom has been wearing a foley for like... 3 months now. She is so SICK of this thing and she keeps telling me, "Ashley, I could deal with all of this... chemo... radiation... if I could only pee on my own!"

Her results from the urodynamics test were not positive. They think the bladder emptying problem is probably because the tumor is within her pelvis and is surrounding her pelvic nerves. He thinks if they shrink the tumor down enough, they MAY see a return of bladder function. But... he thinks they will be damaged enough that the bladder function may never retyrn and she'll have to wear the catheter 24/7 or self cath. He also said that there are no surgical procedures that can be done to fix this.

I was wondering if anyone else has ever gone through this before and what should I be expecting for my mom?


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    Lots of thoughts
    Lots of thoughts here......what kind of cancer? Possible bladder removal, etc. etc,. etc., but one things for sure, I believe I would be getting a second opinion from a urologist at a 'teaching university' which normally and customarily have lots of experience on a day to day basis with urinary problems of all types and kinds.

    You didn't mention pain, stage of cancer, operable or not,...lots of things, but sure seems like a second opinion would be justified for sure. Foleys serve their purpose, but if you can do without them,....great news!!!! I had my bladder removed due to stage 3a bladder cancer in June of 2010 and now have a urostomy and am doing great. Had my first tumor removed in April by transurethifal resedtion but it grew back in full force within 70 days. Time to have the entire bladder removed. Change of life for sure but sure beats the pain I was having and prospects of my emenate death. So, with that said, find out from someone who has been down this road a few times before.

    Wish you the best for you and your mom and I'll be praying for you. Let us know what you find out. Or, come back with some more details.

    C U,
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    I kinda went through a
    I kinda went through a similar situation before I knew what was my diagnosis. I dont recall alot becuase I was so young but one thing I do recall vividly is the urge of having to pee and me yelling telling my Mom or Grandma "I gota pee, I gota pee'..lol..The Dr's wanted them to measure my urine and save all of it to run tests I assume but everytime I would have the urge to urinate I would sit on the toliet and maybe 2 drops or sometimes nothing will come out. Eventually I was diagnosed with Rhabdomysarcoma(bladder cancer), a very rare Cancer that usually occurs in boys and since I have been on this site ive found out it have affected some men as well. I wish you guys luck and I hope this could help you in some way and continue to be by your Mom side she really needs the support and also have Faith....