Gallbladder cancer

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Hi, My name is Tiffany. I am seeking any kinds of help from anyone. My mother was diagnosed with cancer in April of this year 2011. She is 71years old and she is all that my siblings and I have left. We lost our Dad to a tragic accident in 2008. Because of her age, her oncologist decided that a biopsy was not necessary, just by the PetScan report my mother will have a life span of just 6 months. My family and I is facing this life changing event that we have no answers to. We don't know what type of cancer she really has because they can not be exact without a biopsy done. We were told that there are no treatments available to her. We are very sadden by this and I am not willing to except that my mother will only be with us for a short period of time left. I'm looking for any surviors and suggestions. I've been searching for other hospitals around the world to try to save her for as long as I can. Please any help will greatly be appreciated.

God Bless


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    Here's a website to check out.....
    This doctor was recently on Cornerstone T.V. which is a christian television program in Wall, PA. My wife and I have known of him and watched interviews of hiem for many, many years. His hospital is somewhere in Mexico. He said they give statistics on their website regarding the different types of cancers they treat and the outcomes. You just might want to check it out.

    My prayers are with your mother and your family. May God open the doors you need.