moms reccuring cervical cancer

hi im mom was diagnosed with stage I-B cervical carcinoma back in 1998 and underwent radiation therpy and was told that it was successful.Now 13 years later they believe its Jan she went to the drs. complaining that she was bleeding and that her uterus was hurting and felt heavy so her primary dr. ordered labs and they came back with elevated cancer levels?so when her dr.recieved the results back she ordered a cat scan and it showed a mass,so then she was referred to a gyn/oncol dr. which he performed a biopsy of the cervix "well.. what is left of a cervix" due to the radiation!the results of the biopsy didnt state cancer it just stated the gyn/oncol dr. ordered a PET scan and im not sure what they mean??the results stated that there is a diffuse hypermetabolic activity in the region of the uterus and cervix with suv measurement of 12.the appearance is consistant with malignancy.there is a 2 cm diameter enlarged lymph node between the abdominal aorta and inferior vena cava at the mid lumbar level with hypermetabolic activity and SUV measurement of 10.This is consistant with metatastic disease.Ajacent to this at approx. the same level but just dorsal to the cava is a 5mm lymph node which demonstrates slightly increased metabolic activity and an SUV measurement of 3.this is equivocal and may represent additional nodal involvment. She seen the gyn/oncol dr. last tues and he couldnt tell us much..all he said he wants to do is do a biopsy of the "hot spots" and she needs a pre op clearance before he can do she has an appointment for later this month.and until then she is in pain and frustrated because they wont really let her know whats going on??please if anyone can give some kind of input on this i would greatly appreciate it!!!


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    Sorry to hear about your mom's recent troubles. If there is any way financially, please go and get another opinion. If she has "Malignancy" and "Metatastic Disease" listed on her medical report, i wouldnt want to wait another day. Go straight to an oncologist, please.