surgery update

snook717 Member Posts: 45
This morning they had to put a tube down my gpas throat to get the fluid out. They started him on antibiotics in case of pneumonia. When they came in tonight they said that there is a slight infection but it can get worse and that gpa needs to do the breathing treatments 10 times and hour, walk, and make sure he is coughing up the stuff in his throat. He keeps saying he doesn't feel like he has anything to cough out. They told him if he didn’t start getting it up that they would have to put the tube down his throat again in the morning to get it out and that he will be more likely to get pneumonia At first they said they might do the swallow tomorrow(Thursday) but now they are saying maybe Friday depending on his lungs. Any advice on what to tell him. His spirits have not been very good at times, I am hoping that things are much better tomorrow. Thanks in advance!