Mom Update and spoke with Head of Patient Advocacy at MSKCC....

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Hi everyone.....Mom went to PT yesterday, which I think is a good thing as she hasn't gotten out of bed in 4 weeks....she needs to move around...although she says she is in pain, today she seemed a little better in attitude and I hope she follows through.....ON the really good side, I called Dr. Jorge, Head of patient advocacy at Sloane and told him about last week's nightmare with my mother.....he was great......I think he is going to make sure that doesn't happen again, which I would be eternally grateful for,,,,,i will keep you posted....he was very understanding and straightforward, which i also really appreciated....I told him that I understand the process there is complex, and a year ago I would not have said anything, but at 78 and advanced cancer with fracture in back and leftover pneumonia, it just doesn't seem right to sit there in those damn chairs for 3.5 hours....I actually really liked him, and thought about contacting him at some point myself, and maybe using my Ph.D. and medical background to do some part time patient advocacy at Sloane....I get their system, and this disease, and truly appreciated his that' s good news.....the proof is in the pudding though, so we'll see how next time goes, but I am hopeful.....Thanks Hissy Fitz for his name and number....really appreciate it for Mom....


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    I liked him, too. I hope
    I liked him, too. I hope he puts you to work! You would make a kick **** patient advocate.