Avastin Copayments

I have Blue Cross/Blue Shield and the four infusions of avastin that my wife took cost us 1840.00 dollars per infusion in co-payments.
I'm glad it was there for her, it worked on everything but her cognititve impairment...
But, I am scrambling to pay..
How does everyone else compare in the area of co-payments?


  • Beckymarie
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    Again the whole health care
    Again the whole health care issue raises it's ugly head. When my husband was being treated for brain cancer we were fortunate enough to have pretty good insurance. Our out of pocket expenses were minimal. When he was on temador we were told the treatments were approximately $10,000 per month. If you did not have insurance the pharmaceutical company would supply the drug for free. If you had 80%/20% insurance, you were in trouble as 20% of $10,000 per month added up real fast. With our insurance at that time we paid $35 per month. Doesn't seem quite fair that no insurance pays nothing and those that pay for insurance could be saddled with large bills, copays. I'm sorry. You certainly have enough to worry about without having to worry about how to pay your medical bills.
  • connsteele
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    My son had the same
    My son had the same situation with the Temodar: the 28 pills for one month of treatment was $1450 out-of-pocket, which was the 20% that his px insurance didn't pay. That's on top of $175 for a one month supply of the nausea med. We talked with the nurse practitioner and she hooked us up with a program called ACT, which is through the manufacturer, Merck. They have a program that if you qualify, they will cover the entire cost. We were surprised that he qualified, seeing that he still has a few weeks of sick leave left, plus the insurance (for now.) We were told that if anyone can't afford a medication to call the drug's manufacturer's customer service line, and most of the time you will get help. We are going to also call the nausea drug's manufacturer to see if they have a similar program. Guess the drug companies aren't always the bad guys.