support group info needed and advice on diet needed

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I am the single dad of a young son who is suffering from colorectal cancer, I want to get him into a support group we live not far from downtown Los Angeles, CA, also I need advice on what diet he can start to help his recover? vegeterian diet? vietamins, food supplements? I am profoundly concern please help


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    Some help I hope

    Not in a position to offer advice on a support group, because i am in UK, but my partner is 33, he does not like to discuss his condition with anyone, I manage to drag stuff out, but he has recently been helped by a Chakra Therapist, so my first advice is to find one and find out what he wants.

    My partner drinks a lot of green tea, takes melatonin at night, these were recommended by a Professor who is developing a Colon Ca drug, that is hopefully effective in stage 1 and 2.

    Arteminisin, Tagamet, Modified Citrus Pectin are all suggestions, MCP has a topic discussion going on now.

    send me a message if I can help further or there is anything you want to ask.

    Finally, my advice being the partner not fighting this disease, be the same, treat him the same, listen to him, support him, be positive round him, make sure you or someone goes with him to every doctor appt of any type, listen ask questions, I have found my partner sometimes switches off as soon as we go in the consulting room.

    Good Luck

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    2 resources for you
    Check out the Wellness Community (, There are several of them in LA Area. They have helpful seminars, help find medical funding, support groups, and just about anything else a cancer patient could want.

    Saint John's Santa Monica - Premier Oncology, and The John Wayne Cancer institute share medical facilities in Santa Monica. They have support groups etc.... Between the two groups they write about 1/3 of the Colon Cancer research papers. They also have financial help, support groups, accupuncture, etc....

    Best Always, mike