Hoping and Praying

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My mom was diagnosed not to long ago with kidney cancer. She was scheduled for surgery last Tuesday and it was unsuccessful, they said they could not cut her open she was losing too much blood and they may have lost her on the operating table.

In 3 weeks her tumor grew to 14 cm and was much larger than when they ran scans prior to surgery. It has spread to her lympth nodes. They say right now the only option for her is oral chemo, since her body is way too weak.

They said it is a clear cell cancer and very responsive to chemo, I know everyone is a unique case when it comes down to it, but does anyone know if this is true.Looking for advice or any support others may be able to give. Thank you so much.


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    Hi Sandir,
    I am sorry I do

    Hi Sandir,

    I am sorry I do not have any advice to give on this subject as I was fortunate enough to only need surgery but my thoughts and prayers are with you.

    God Bless,
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    I'm so sorry
    about the news. Did they say why she was bleeding? Your post sounded like she was bleeding before they even started the surgery. One thing we all know about kidney cancer is that it's different with each person. The only advice I can give you is to just hang on! It's a scary ride - but everyone here is rooting for her and you.