18 year Bone Marrow Transplant Survivor needs to talk....

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Diagnosed 18 years ago with CML, had MUD (matched unrelated donor)Transplant in 1993. Had Thyroid removed due to cancer in 2004, and had basal cell cancer in 2005. Having multiple health issues and am now on SS Disability. Would like to talk with other long term survivors, to see how they are doing. Thanks so much.


  • jimj46167
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    need to talk
    I was bone with a malignant bone cancer. I was not expected to survive. I received radiation, chemo, and had surgery. 57 years later I'm still here. Now I've been diagnosised with LGL leukemia. My CBC results have been abnormal for over seven years. I compiled them, took them to my doctor and basically said, 'whats up doc!'
    I suffer from chronic fatigue and cognitive problems. I'm currently off work due to the cognitive issues. The doctor does not think the LGL is causing these symtoms. (I have the impression she thinks it is all in my head).
    I wish you the best of luck. Drop a line if you want to.