Day one

Day one of 3 done. I'm glad it's over, but tomorrow will be here soon enough. I told my father in law I'm not going to work in the morning tomorrow. I am not feeling that great that I can turn into someone nice on the phone. LOL

I had my neighbor girl come take sam for a walk for me after playing fetch for about 45 min. I just wanted a few quiet moments to rest. She did, now he's back stuffing the ball in my face again LOL. So instead of throwing the ball from the living room down the hall, it's throwing the ball from my bed back down the hall LOL.

I miss my hubby. I hate going through this when he's out of town. Just makes it hard.

You know, John could get into the chat room and we could do this LIVE :) Then we don't have so much to worry about with the offensive words. See this John??? Also private email...we miss your smiling face with that beautiful picture of your family.

I am going to get into the chat room...anybody coming too?



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    Well...I lasted for a little bit in chat, after finally figuring out what to do...ha! I cracked up when I blacked my message out in a box. My bread pudding turned out so yummy! Of course I ate wayyy to big of a bowl..ha! You hang in there girlfriend..the next 2 days will be over before you know it.Check in tomorrow and let us know how day 2 goes for you. You are in my prayers, (FNHL-2-3A-6/10)