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I got my CT results las Thursday. CT was clear in the bowel, and the pesky tumor on the cava vein was 2.7 cm, up from 2.2. So, it grew a bit but the lymph nodes were zapped by the taxol/carbo, we can assume. My comment to my doctor was that I'm sure that if we were to take a PET, there would be small tumors on the bowel too. He agreed with me. Anyway, I really thought the CT was going to be worse, so I am rejoicing in that, and the fact that my doctor was very pleased.

By looking at the CT, he said it would be safe to take avastin, and wrote a letter and copied my records to take to a doctor in Tokyo, This doctor operates outside the national insurance box, and is not restricted by any of FDA and other rules, and does prescribe avastin and other treatments that are not approved by the Japanese FDA. I have heard about this doctor and also heard he was VERY expensive, but decided it was worth a shot to speak to him in person about my situation. So, off I go to Tokyo tomorrow, a 3 hour bullet train ride from here. My very best friend, who is like a sister to me, lives in Tokyo, and is a nurse, will accompany me to the appointment and take notes etc etc. If nothing comes of the doctor's appointment, I will have been able to spend the day with my friend. How cool is that?

Today is Easter here in Japan, and I am so full of gratitude that I can celebrate one more Easter with my church family!

You are all in my prayers always,
Hugs all around,


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    you are in my prayers too
    Good luck tomorrow with your Dr. visit.I hear avastin works very well but there are some side effects to watch out for so ask your dr about it. Hope you have a nice train ride, I have never been on one. Happy Easter and many many more to come...val
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    glad to hear
    I am happy you had a good scan!! Hope you had a great Easter too.
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    Glad your news is good
    Have a Happy Easter with your family ! The train ride sounds fun ,how fast does it go?
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    Soundin' good! Have a safe
    Soundin' good! Have a safe train ride and hopes for a promising consult.
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    srwruns said:

    Soundin' good! Have a safe
    Soundin' good! Have a safe train ride and hopes for a promising consult.

    Thanks for sharing your results
    Dear Kathleen

    Hoping to hear the next chapter in your story and expecting something good.

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    Great News
    This is indeed great news. I'm sure you will get the avastin...also, my mother has been on the avastin and so far, no major side effects....which is amazing given that she has had terrible reactions to every chemo......so I am very optimistic for you......please keep us posted and party it up while in tokyo will you? I'd like to hear some fun stories.....