I've been away...Good Friday seemed like the day to come back

To my dear EC board friends,

I have been away, on purpose, for the last couple of months. It seemed I could not heal from the loss of my Dad, Rich Anderson, without some distance. Reading the the stories became like re-living, my journey just with new names.

My dad was diagnosed with EC IV mets to the liver July 13 2010. He died Dec 13th 2010, exactly 5 months to the day. Roller Coaster from Hell as Sherri once described it, or just the Beast works too. It's been 4 months, almost as long as he was sick, and the grief is still so close to the surface of my being.

Good Friday. A day that Jesus suffered and criminal's death. He did so we could be saved. My dad was a man of great faith and I know he is with Jesus right now. Sometimes through this journey it was hard to see the "Big Picture". Dad is now at peace. If only we could find that peace as we are left on Earth?

Dad's birthday is this Sunday. Easter Sunday, very fitting I guess, as his spirit lives with me, just as Jesus can live within all of us who ask Him to. Dang it though, I miss my dad down here.

Please know I pray for the members of this board daily. May you find peace during your journey.



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  • GerryS
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    Beautiful tribute..........
    What a beautiful tribute to your father. As a father/grandfather myself I know he is extremely proud of you. Your heart will always have a special scar in it because of your loss. I pray that the Easter season will help you share in your fathers peace. Thank you for sharing your thoughts and I pray with you also for all on this site suffering at this time. God Bless...........

  • Bobs1wife
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    Deb, so good to hear from you.
    Deb, I have thought of you often, and now it is so good to hear from you. I have wondered how you are doing and am so happy to have you post again. I'm sure you needed a break. You were so much support during your father's illness.

    On the 13th of April we went to the capitol building to sign the proclamation of "Esophageal awareness month in the state of Nebraska!. I really felt the support of you, and our other Huskers out there, that have been traveling this road. I also was thinking of Sally. It was a first step, of what I hope will be many in helping to educate everyone on this disease. It was interesting to watch the faces of many in the legislative chamber that morning as I had my short time to speak. Some seemed very intent. So maybe, just maybe, even that one little step will help someone we don't even know. Perhaps someone has an aquaintance, or family member that will seek earlier treament from the message. I will hope and pray so.

    What an Easter this will be for you. The pain for the suffering, and the joy for the reserection and eternal life. I will pray for more smiles, than tears, on this extra special Easter Sunday for you. Linda