Extremely tired after several chemos- Anyone???

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My dad (stage 4 colon with mets to liver) inoperable & no radiation) would feel pretty energetic for a couple of days after chemo @ first. Now, he is feeling extremely tired before during and after chemo. He has trouble keeping his eyes open at times. He was on Oxyplatin but now is only on F5u which is suppose to be less toxic. Doc said it would give him a better quality of life right now. But he is sooooooo tired all the time. Is this normal? Any suggestions? They stopped giving him steriods after he finished the oxy but I want them to keep giving them to him so he has some energy. Im guessing he has had about 13ish treatments by now. Any advice???


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    How old is your father??

    How old is your father??
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    smokeyjoe said:

    How old is your father??

    How old is your father??

    61 years old

    61 years old
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    Goes with the chemo I'm
    Goes with the chemo I'm afraid we all have experienced the tiredness from the drugs. My last chemo treatment was in Nov '09 & I'm thinking I have not got over the tireness yet but the up side is hoping to keep the cancer at bay.
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    The tiredness
    The tiredness never goes completly away,but my doctor has me taking 4 iron pills a day,and that helps,but I sill have bad days,and it's been 3 years.Good luck.
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    I was on the oxi & 5 Fu also. After 5 rounds of oxi my onc took away the oxi and had me on the pill form of 5 Fu ( Xeloda). The fatigue continued to get worse. Anyway, I am 9 1/2 months out of my last chemo treatment and the fatigue has lessened somewhat but I am beginning to think that it will never cease completely, but I hope it does and I'm working towards it.

    Make sure that his doctor is aware of his fatigue. Maybe he/she will have some suggestions to help relieve some of the fatigue.I personally don't think steroids would be the answer as they have their own set of side effects, too.

    Best wishes for you and your Dad.

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    isn't he also on a lot of
    isn't he also on a lot of pain meds? that in itself will knock most of us out
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    our chemos have such a wide range of side effects
    fatigue is nasty because it kind of steals our quality of life.

    i am following a healthy lifestyle similar to that described in a book anticancer.
    see my post if interested.

    i do get tired, have my nap and are then good again.

    the steroids i try to minimise as much as possible sorry to hear your dad's having such a rough time.