Colorectal Cancer stage 4 metastasized to the spine

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Hi Everyone,
A little background on me, I am a NICU and PICU nurse and for the last 3 years have also worked on the pediatric oncology unit. I am now trying to go back to school to become a pediatric oncologist.. considering the depressing amount of children Ive cared for who have died from this disease. But I need some help for information as I just moved to California.

My finance's best friend and boss of 12 years has been fighting colon cancer for 5 years. He was diagnosed 5 years ago and about 2 years ago the cancer came back. It had metastasized to his lungs and liver. He underwent surgery, more chemo and his CEA counts went down, and the mets in his lungs disappeared. But he has been having immense pain for several weeks, and at his check up he showed metastasis to his spine.

We are thinking of trying a clinical trial.. the doctors had already told him 2 months ago there was no more they could do for him. Does anyone know of any support groups that could help him (torrence, CA or in LA, CA)? and has anyone tried any of the trials?

I really need some information. I can see he is giving up hope and he really needs someone to talk to who has gone through or is going through this.



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    There is always other opitions
    Of course it all depends on his current heath, what kinds of chemo he has already had and when, and whether he is failing a chemo regimen now or is this another re-occurrence after being off treatment for a while.

    He should certainly be able to get radiation to his spinal mets as long as he has not had radiation to those areas before.

    I have seen Dr.Lenz's name referred to her by a number of people on this board and it appears he is very approachable and agressive. He is at USC in LA. I am sure more folks will chime in including some who are being treated by Dr Lenz.

    Good luck - oh, by the way, I am entering a clinical trial this week as the standard chemos appear to have been all used up for me - so that is always an option too.

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    bone mets too
    Hi Seeta,

    I'm afraid I can't offer any practical advice about support groups (I live outside the US). But I also have spinal mets (in fact, multiple bone mets). Luckily I am symptom/pain-free -- I am sorry that your friend is not.

    But I do want to say that bone mets are not a "death sentence". My oncologist keeps telling me that "bone mets don't kill you". I don't have mets in any "visceral organ" (eg liver, lungs) -- altho I did before (lung).

    I'm on chemo (Xeliri + Avastin in my case -- but that seems to be dependent on what chemos you've had before, etc). I also had radiatin to zap a couple of the spots.....

    It's a good idea to be checking out clinical trials -- esp if more traditional treatments don't seem seem to be an option

    I wish him all the best. Tell him he's got a partner on the other side of the world!